“Designers are born, not made.”

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Photo Credit: Vincent Vallejo | vvpictography

Marbé Briceno-Velázquez IIDA, ASID

Architectural Designer | artist

This is undoubtedly true in Marbé's case; creativity runs in her family.

Marbé's interest in Art & Design began as a little girl by watching her mother, an Impressionist Artist, painting in her studio, who also taught her to create art with oil and acrylic painting. Furthermore, she designed her clothing at an early age, and she would continuously draw pieces of furniture to have them made in wood. She would purposely use items for her bedroom and her own house, transforming what was already made, taking it to an unexpected level.

Born in Northern Venezuela, Marbé spent most of her time outdoors surrounded by beautiful mountains and stunning beaches, entranced by the colors and patterns found in the natural world. While living in Miami, Florida, for more than two decades (which she also calls her hometown), she became fascinated by the exotic Art Deco architecture — now living in Los Angeles, California. Since 2013, the fusion between landscapes as well as architectural and eclectic scenes in her surroundings fostered her ability to create. "I have always enjoyed appreciating the art within nature and architecture.

"Every time I look around me, I see beyond the ordinary. I'm always observing things from a different perspective, feeling inspired," she says.

Graduated Cum Laude obtaining an Art & Architecture in Interior Design Diploma in Miami, Florida; helped Marbé enhance her talent in Design, detailed drawings/sketches, murals, paintings, as well as learning several drafting software applications such as AutoCAD, 3DMAX, Chief Architect; among others. After earning her degree, Marbé was awarded a scholarship to take Masterclasses in Europe, such as Art, Interiors of the World, Furniture, and Photography in the prestigious University of Salamanca, Spain, with an extension Masterclasses in France, Italy, and Portugal.

While her pronounced education and degree gave her a solid understanding of the architectural world and of what Design is, which of course it's indeed fundamental, what truly makes her stand out from the crowd is her natural talent, her proven skills, and her real-world experience.

Marbé is an IIDA, ASID, and ICAA Allied and is currently studying to obtain her National Council for Interior Design Qualification Licence to become globally recognized at the highest standard in Interior Design.


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